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With escalating world energy demand, the oil and gas industries have become a rapidly growing market for Future Pipe Industries (FPI). The vast increase in exploration and production,both onshore and offshore,has ensured a substantial need for pipe systems which can efficiently transport resources directly to consumers.

As corrosion poses major challenges for conventional pipe material in high-pressure upstream applications, the excellent non-corrosive characteristic of fiberglass has made it the clear material of choice. In particular, fiberglass piping systems have repeatedly demonstrated their superiority for usage on ships and vessels, offshore platforms, and in the dredging industry.

FPI leads the market in fiberglass pipe systems, offering a substantial portfolio of bespoke products and solutions which can meet extreme environmental requirements, including the ability to withstand very high water pressures of up to 3000 PSI.

FPI's exclusively developed product range includes Fiberstrong™ , Wavistrong™ , Wavistrong™ FR , Fibermar™ , Fiberfloat™ , Red Box® and Yellow Box® , all of which are manufactured according to international standards and the strictest customer specifications. In 2013 FPI acquired Specialty Plastics Inc (SPI) based in Baton Rouge Louisiana. SPI develops FIBERBOND® advanced composite piping system specially used for the offshore rig and floating production and storage of oil (FPSO) and marine vessels market. FPI is one of very few fiberglass pipe companies in the world that has developed and engineered its own products. FPI owns these technologies which are the sole property of the company and not are licensed to external parties.

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